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Home Design Playbook

Looking for a creative way to occupy your child over the weekend or in school holidays?

The Home Design Playbook is a dowloadable pdf to print out for your child to use.

The activities guide your child through a three step process to re-imagine a space in your home that is most important to them, and make it really epic!

It introduces architecture along with a little bit of photography, creative writing, imaginative drawing, cultural and social history, climate change and science, food tech and research skills. All in a light touch way so it's not heavy or really boring!

This is created for kids aged 5-13, ish! For younger ones they'll need a bit of handholding to read and complete some of the activities, and for older ones there are some extra ideas that they can run with to make it more exciting using digital tools.

My hope is that they will enjoy the process, get creative, explore, imagine and discover new ideas.

There are also additional suggestions for day trips that you can take as a family, books for children about architecture, and a list of particularly playful architects to research, all with the aim of extending knowledge and experience of architecture further.

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